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UNLOCKED: Freud and Politics (w/ Pat Blanchfield)

Episode Summary

In honor of 2022's infancy — and as we recover from the bitter end of 2021 — we're unlocking this much-loved bonus episode on Freud and politics, featuring Pat Blanchfield.

Episode Notes

Unlocked by popular demand: Psychoanalytic writer and teacher Pat Blanchfield joins Sam for a discussion of Freud and politics. Together we ask: how can psychoanalytic tools help us make sense of our irrational political moment, our desires and attachments, as well as conservatism, liberalism, fascism, Donald Trump, and even Thanksgiving? 

If we've done our job right, you'll derive many blistering insights from this discussion whether or not you've read a single page of Sigmund Freud — or remotely buy into his theories of mind, culture, or clinical practice. (And hopefully we didn't talk too fast.) Because Freud would disapprove of any injunction to enjoyment, we'll simply say: "have a listen, if you please."

(Originally published on Patreon 12/01/2021.)

Further Reading/Listening:

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