Know Your Enemy

TEASER: Jaffa vs. Kendall

Episode Summary

Matt and Sam dig into one of the all-time great battles among conservative intellectuals: Harry Jaffa vs. Willmoore Kendall and their disputes over the Declaration, Lincoln, and the meaning of the American political tradition.

Episode Notes

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What is the status of "equality" in the American political tradition? What place does it have in the inheritance that conservatives are trying to preserve? 

Matt and Sam pick up where they left off in their recent conversation with historian Joshua Tait, this time focusing on Harry Jaffa's devastating review of Willmoore Kendall and George Carey's The Basic Symbols of the American Political Tradition. In it, Jaffa defends Abraham Lincoln against Kendall and Carey's charge that he "derailed" our political tradition by putting the Declaration of Independence, natural rights, and the principle of equality at its center—a move, in their account, that opened the way to Ceasarism, the rights revolution, and more. 

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