Know Your Enemy

Suburban Woman (w/ Dorothy Fortenberry)

Episode Summary

Matt and Sam talk to The Handmaid's Tale writer and playwright Dorothy Fortenberry about gender and politics, the work women do, the importance of institutions, #TheResistance, and more!

Episode Notes

Matt and Sam are joined by Dorothy Fortenberry for a wide-ranging conversation about women and politics. Topics include growing up in Washington, D.C; her experiences writing women characters in Hollywood;  why the left should take over existing institutions; the complicated Catholic motherhood of Amy Coney Barrett; and much, much more. For those not familiar with her work, Fortenberry is a writer and producer on Hulu’s award-winning adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, and her plays include Species Native, Partners, Mommune, and Good Egg. She's a regular contributor to Commonweal, among other publications, though for her latest political takes you should follow her on Twitter (@Dorothy410berry).


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