Know Your Enemy

Retvrn of the National Conservatives

Episode Summary

Matt and Sam are your guides on a tour of the deranged National Conservatism 2 conference.

Episode Notes

It's rare for nearly all the inhabitants of the KYE podcast universe to gather in one place, but it happened earlier this month in—as you might guess—Florida, where the National Conservatism 2 conference was held. The proceedings were littered with extraordinary claims of a "totalitarian cult" (liberals and the left) deliberately trying to destroy the United States, with the help of Big Tech, China, professors. The conference seemed to mark the ascendency of national conservatism on the Right, and perhaps the Republican Party. Matt and Sam break it all down: what it means, what it portends, and why they're wrong.


Watch all the National Conservatism conference videos (YouTube)

David Brooks, "The Terrifying Future of the American Right," Atlantic, November 18, 2021

J.G. Ballard, Super Cannes (Picador, 2000)

Murray Rothbard, Man, Economy, and State (David van Nostrand Company/William Volker Fund, 1962)

Background Listening:

Know Your Enemy, "The Definitely Not-Racist National Conservatives," July 30, 2019

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