Know Your Enemy

How to Be Depressed

Episode Summary

Matt and Sam reflect on the relationship between depression and politics.

Episode Notes

We released this bonus episode on depression and politics in July, and it quickly became a favorite of our Patreon subscribers. A number of them asked us to make it available in front of the paywall so they could share it with friends and family who have experienced depression and other mental-health issues—so that's what we decided to do. Topics discussed include: Matt's review of George Scialabba's memoir about depression; how left and right understand moral desert; and the struggle to build a society based on human frailty, our vulnerability to bad luck and bad breaks, and how much we need each other. 

Further Reading:

Matthew Sitman, "Muddling Through: A Depression Memoir Like No Other," Commonweal, July 14, 2020.

Johanna Hedva, "Sick Woman Theory," Mask Magazine, January 2016.

Gabriel Winant, "Coronavirus and Chronopolitics," n + 1, Spring 2020

And Listening:

Steve Earle, "My Old Friend the Blues" (1986)